Saxophone Sheet Music

Lisa Simpson

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. . . Makes You Go All “Lisa Simpson”

I’m truly sorry if I’ve cheapened the whole world of saxophone music, I love the saxophone and I love listening to the saxophone although I must admit I’ve never tried to play the saxophone, but every time I catch a glimpse of Lisa Simpson playing that sax down the school hall, I must admit that I’m tempted to try. I do think that Lisa Simpson has done for the saxophone and saxophone sheet music what Homer has done for Nuclear power . . . brought it to the attention of a vast young audience which really can’t be a bad thing, can it?

Saxophone Sheet Music is available in all different types of musical genres . . . I suppose that the saxophone is really associated with Jazz and blues music mostly, but that doesn’t mean that saxophone sheet music can’t be found for classical, country and modern pieces too.  Take the time out to learn to play the saxophone, get yourself some saxophone sheet music for beginners, practice, practice, practice . . . and the world will become a better place. Wowee, I’ve gone all profound now!

Thanks for that Lisa . . . terrific. Now, enough Simpsons, who else can play with saxophone sheet music?

 Well he didn’t do a bad job did he? I do love the sound of a nice sax . . .

That’s great. I did love that movie . . . made me cry just a little, when she threw that priceless gem into the water . . . Crazy lady! Anyway, back to the saxophone sheet music, you can learn to play that tune too!


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Trumpet Sheet Music

A part of a sheet from "Arban's Complete ...

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. . . Learn to Blow Your Own Trumpet

Trumpet sheet music is available for many different types of music. Trumpets are great aren’t they, they’re so distinctive even to the untrained ear. Don’t be fooled though, although it’s pretty easy to make a noise with a trumpet, learning to play the trumpet properly is a completely different matter. For starters you’re not supposed to puff your cheeks out apparently, there, you’ve learned something already.

So what type of trumpet sheet music can you expect to find, once you’ve mastered the basics as it were. Well, you can actually find trumpet  sheet music before you’ve mastered the basics, because there’s loads of trumpet sheet music around which can teach you to master the basics. Once you’re up and running and in need of a tune there’s a great choice to choose from . . . Air on a G String (cheeky), Flight of the Bumblebee, Ave Maria . . . as well as literally loads of all the latest stuff. Go on, learn to blow your own trumpet with some trumpet sheet music, you could join a marching band and get loads of new buddies (which you might need because your neighbors will probably disown you).

Oooh, haunting!

Go on, admit it, you’re all pumped up now aren’t you? Go Rocky . . . go Rocky . . .

Alright, I thought I’d better settle things down a bit . . . you can get trumpet sheet music for this too!


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Fiddle Sheet Music


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. . . . Yep, Good Old Foot Stomping Fiddling

You may be forgiven for thinking that Fiddle sheet music is pretty similar to violin sheet music, well, you’d be right, it is pretty similar, but you’d also be very wrong . . . it’s also completely different. Think about it, violins are fantastic but there’s nothing like a good old fiddle to get your foot stomping is there?

Fiddle sheet music takes fiddling back to its musical roots, Scottish and Gaelic folk music mostly, well, that’s where most of it started from anyway, but these days there’s a whole host of modern day fiddlers who keep the traditions alive yet bring fiddling right up to date, and there’s fiddle sheet music available to show you exactly how to do it. Bluegrass old time mountain music, oh, it takes you back and it gets your feet twitching . . . let’s go!

Now don’t get me wrong, fiddling is pretty difficult to master, and you’ll probably need some beginners violin sheet music to help you with the basics, but once you’re up and running you’ll be able to get yourself a whole load of fiddle sheet music and fiddle until your hearts content, just like these lot!

Oh I love that one, sitting on their office chairs (you see how modern it is, it used to be rocking chairs) fiddling and a banjo playing. She doesn’t need any fiddle sheet music, it must be all in her head . . . or her fingers!

 Yeah . . . that’s what I’m talking about . . . yeah! Go find the fiddle sheet music and start practicing.

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Flute Sheet Music

Theme of Beethoven's Diabelli Variations, the ...

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Flute Sheet Music is available from tons of the really famous classical composers, you know the type of people that even musical heathens have heard of; J S Bach, C P E Bach, Beethoven, Haydn, Mendelssohn. Although you don’t really think of the flute as a solo instrument as such (ouch, I’m probably gonna get it for saying that from all of the dedicated flautists out there), it plays an extremely important part in any orchestra.

Flutes are very difficult to play (coming from one who knows, my friend in 3rd Grade played the flute and I spent a good 5 minutes one day trying to get a sound out of it . . . unsuccessfully), you don’t blow it, you blow over it which is quite tricky to say the least. Anyway, fortunately for those flautists who do get to grips with the whole playing thing, there’s an abundance of great flute sheet music so that they can celebrate by playing all of their favorite tunes.

Flute sheet music is also available for more popular tunes too though, not just the classics. Loads of the most popular films have soundtracks which sound terrific on the flute, and you can buy the flute sheet music to help you play the tunes from all of your faves . . . The Lion King, High School Musical, Harry Potter, even Pirates of the Caribbean.

Anyway, the bottom line is, if you have the necessary skill and determination to master this wonderful instrument, there’s a whole heap of flute sheet music available for you to enjoy playing your favorite tunes.

How’s that for starters? Very patriotic and actually quite beautiful . . . I’m all moved now!

You see! There’s all sorts of different flute sheet music available.

 Okay, Goodbye then . . .

Guitar Sheet Music

Range and (standard) tuning of a guitar

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. . . For All Types of Guitar

Guitar Sheet Music, perhaps more than any other, is different depending on the type of guitar you have and the type of music you want to play. There’s:

  • Acoustic guitar sheet music
  • Bass guitar sheet music
  • Classical guitar sheet music
  • Electric guitar sheet music
  • Fingerpicking guitar sheet music
  • Flamenco guitar sheet music
  • Blues guitar sheet music

I should think that just about covers it.  Be honest, how many of us started guitar lessons as spotty teenagers with dreams of becoming rich and famous? No, it certainly was not just me and everybody in my school year, surely it’s the same the world over.  Well, whether you dream of being the next Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Jimi Hendrix . . . need I go on, or maybe John Williams is more your style, you’re going to need some guitar sheet music to set you on your way.


How amazing was that? His guitar really sings don’t you think, well, with lots of practice and some great guitar sheet music . . . you might never reach such dizzy heights but you should certainly improve in time.

 I admit, it’s a long climb from this lesson to playing like the greats, but everybody has to start somewhere, and learning how to read guitar sheet music is a very good place to start.

Pretty soon you could play like this too!


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Violin Sheet Music

An excerpt from the traditional Latin song Ade...

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. . . . Stop Strangling That Cat

Violin Music, it can be beautiful, it can be soulful, it can be electrifying, it can be horrific. Stringed instruments all have the capacity to make very different sounds, but none quite so much as the violin. From racing cars to creaking doors to strangled cats . . . violins can make them all in the right hands.

Of course, the best way to improve your violin playing is to practice, and for that, you need a good selection of violin sheet music. There’s a great selection availabe from beginners stuff right up to the classical concert works suitable for only the most advanced and practiced violinists. Violin solos are terrific, but you’ll also find that lots of violin sheet music includes a piano accompaniment too, so you can play with your friends and get a little ensemble going. Brilliant.

Wasn’t that fantastic.


That was good wasn’t it? I don’t think that you need violin sheet music for that, just lots of practice and deaf neighbors.


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Piano Sheet Music . . .

Piano Middle C

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. . . Where’s “Middle C”

Anybody who has ever had the merest hint of a piano lesson must have heard of “middle C”, it’s the note around which all piano playing is based, at least for beginners. I remember getting into trouble for putting a big ink splodge on top of “middle C” so that I didn’t lose it . . . those were the days.

Piano Sheet Music

Piano Sheet Music is available for all levels, from the very lowest of beginners to the most accomplished concert pianist. It’s still very popular to this day to buy the piano sheet music of your favorite artiste or song so that you can learn to play along at home . . . back in the olden days it was a bit like buying your favorite song, if you couldn’t afford the record why not buy the piano sheet music and learn to play it yourself. Some of it’s pretty collectible now you know.

Piano Sheet Music might look a little daunting at first, especially when you first get your hands on a new piece, but the beauty of it is that you can go at your own pace and make real improvements in your piano playing and technique. Lots of piano sheet music these days is available for download (some of it’s free) and you can simply print it out at home and get cracking.  Modern stuff like Lady Gaga and Rihanna is popular, as well as the more contemporary stuff from Ella Fitzgerald to Queen.  Then of course, there’s always someone who wants to learn to play the theme tune from Titanic or Shrek . . . and why not? One day you might reach these heady heights yourself . . .

Ooops, he did that without any piano sheet music at all! He’s obviously had a lot of practice.

Come on Mom, how is he supposed to read his piano sheet music with that dog in the way . . . .  move it across a bit for goodness sake.



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Instrument Sheet Music . . .

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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Made to Measure For Your Instrument of Choice

We all know that music . . . is music . . . is music. When we first start to play the recorder at around the age of 6 (or was that just me . . . Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) . . . anyway, you get the point, it’s all basically the same, a very simple musical score, A – G with a few sharps and flat notes, middle C . . . remember that. Anyway, that’s all well and good for when you’re just starting out, but the really serious composers and musicians take music to a whole new level. Just try taking a peek at some of the orchestral musical scores (if you dare) and you’ll realize that composers don’t just compose music, they compose it with a particular instrument in mind.

Instrument Sheet Music is available for every different instrument, even percussion (not sure whether you can buy “triangle” music, maybe that’s lumped in with other things). Take a look at this description of the musical score for percussion parts for a particular piece of music which was composed as a showcase for the flute . . . things are never so easy as that.

“A three-movement work composed to showcase the lower flutes: Essence for contrabass flute, Insight for bass flute, Compassion for alto flute. Based upon. . .  Scored for solo flute with string orchestra, harp, and percussion (FP-64A-SCORE), or with piano adaptation (FP-64), which is also suitable for harp. The flute parts are all suitable for C flute, and an optional C part is included for the alto part . . . ”

You see, sounds a bit complicated to the uninitiated doesn’t it?

 That’s just an example of sheet music for the flute part of the old classic, Amazing Grace.

Now that we’ve sorted that out, let’s look at the sheet music which is available for different instruments.

Piano Sheet Music

Violin Sheet Music

Guitar Sheet Music

Flute Sheet Music

Fiddle Sheet Music

Trumpet Sheet Music

Saxophone Sheet Music


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Sheet Music Apps

Pachelbel's Canon in D - Free Sheet Music for ...

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Helping You To Save Your Strength for Playing the Music . . . among other things

Being a musician isn’t easy you know, apart from the years of practising for hours every day, playing your fingers to the bone, once you get on your way as a musician you’ll have to carry about tons of heavy boxes filled with sheet music and scores . . . well not any more, there’s an App for that now, so you can save all of your strength for your performance.

Hmm, sounds interesting, tell me more!

ForScore App is one such sheet music app which can help to make the life of a musician so much easier. Never mind lugging around tons of papers, trying to keep them together (there’s nothing worse than being half way through a symphony and finding that you’ve got a page missing) or having to peg your sheet music pages to the music stand when you’re trying to perform in the park in case of a sudden gust of wind . . . Life can be so much simpler and lighter if you use the ForScore App.

  • Music score from 18 world-renowned composers –  1300 glorious pages of it
  • Automatic page turns – now that’s worth a small fortune in itself
  • You can use your own sheet music PDF
  • There is an annotation feature
  • Metronome – both visual and audible

I think that they’ve thought of just about everything, don’t you?

MusicNotes Sheet Music App is another app which is making waves among musical types.  You can make your own collection of your favorite sheet music, all available at the touch of a button. What a great idea.

 Did you spot it? No, not “Big Rock Candy Mountain”, well, I’ve nothing against it of course, but I’m talking about “The Entertainer” . . . great piece of music which reminds me of a brilliant film “The Sting” . . . you must have seen it, one of my faves.


Sorry, I digressed again,  okay, back to more sheet music apps . . .

Muzibook Publishing offer another alternative yet still fantastic sheet music app for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Great for professional musicians, teachers and students you can have a comprehensive library right at your finger tips (literally) without carrying about a small forests worth of paperwork. They have a music catalog for many different instruments – guitar, piano etc. etc.

Simply having the ability to turn one page at a time . . . every time (instead of accidentally flipping two) makes this whole idea an extremely welcome one!



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Sheet Music For String Instruments

Sheet Music for String Instruments

To the untrained eye, sheet music looks pretty much like sheet music, a whole bunch of lines, squiggles and words which are somehow miraculously transformed into a wonderful piece of music by a musician. Surely sheet music is all the same? Well, no it isn’t, sheet music for string instruments, for example, is very different from sheet music for the piano.

Music for Strings

When composers compose, they do it with a specific instrument in mind, especially those classical composers which put together amazing ensembles for whole orchestras – it’s pretty mind boggling stuff really, I’m sure you’ll agree. Anyway, each section of the orchestra has their own music to follow, they need to know when to start (that’s for the guy with the baton to tell them) but music for strings, for example, is very different from the music for the other musical sections.

Buying Sheet Music for String Instruments

There’s a great variety online of sheet music for string instruments, there’s music for the violin, viola, cello and double bass, but even better than that, you can buy sheet music for:

  • Solos
  • 2 or more violins, violas etc
  • violin plus piano etc

So you see, there really is plenty to choose from. You can choose all different types of sheet music online for string instruments too:

  • Christmas music (get practicing now)
  • Scales and exercises to improve your playing
  • Popular melodies and tunes
  • Folk songs
  • Classical concertos
  • Ballads and dance music
  • Funeral music.

There really is such a lot of sheet music for string instruments to choose from online, you’ll be able to increase your repertoire in no time.